DAY 209 – Our Last Full Day

Our first stop in the park was Grand Prismatic Spring. Look it up some time. The view from the air is much more impressive. From the ground, it is a colorful, steamy pot of boiling water. One of the largest in the world, this feature was one of my favorites in the park.

We then traveled to Storm Point for a glorious hike. We witnessed a Hoary Marmot sunning himself (or herself) on a pile of rocks. We searched the beach for beautifully shaped wood. We looked for bears but didn’t see any. Anita and Jonathan claim the heard a wild turkey but I’m not convinced.

The view was stunning. The wind blowing off the lake was powerful. It was obvious why Storm Point is a favorite among the staff in the park. Not a soul was there while we were on our hike.

It is hard to believe that our week is nearly over. It seems like only yesterday that we arrived in this beautiful place. I don’t want to leave.