Chess on the Prairie

A visit to Conner Prairie’s Symphony on the Prairie isn’t complete without a basket of cheese and crackers, a bottle of wine and a game of chess.

Last night we had the privilege of seeing the River City Brass Band.  This was the third year to enjoy the closing act for the season and I loved every minute of it.  From the opening number to the closing fireworks show, the night was just perfect.

The temperature was fall-like and it made for a very pleasant evening.  Light jackets and a small blanket made were in order.  I beat Ben in chess two consecutive games and I only spilled my wine once (a record for me).

After the concert we sat in the car, allowing the other guests to sit in line for 20 minutes.  That was even pleasant, listening to African music with a modern twist.  We marveled at the rhythms and harmonies.

From beginning to end, it was the perfect night.