The End of Summer

Today is the final day of the Noblesville Farmers’ Market.

Every Saturday, we travel to the market, our re-usable bags in hand, ready to purchase everything from apples to zucchinis.

People bring their children and feed them candy and corn.  They bring dogs and let them sniff one another.  They purchase cutting boards and alpaca fur, hand made quilts and insect sculptures made from spoons.

If you have time, you can have a taste of pork or lamb.  You can taste a pear or a piece of pie and if you are really lucky you will leave with a bag of the best mushrooms and fresh eggs in the county.

But this Saturday is the last Market Day of the season.  We’ll have to wait through a long, cold winter before we see our farming friends again and taste the fruits of their labor. So, to prepare for the cold days I’m making some butternut squash soup, freezing most of it and will eat a little each week until the sun warms the earth next spring.

I miss my farming friends already.