Day 25 – November 25, 2010

I’ve discovered that taking 200 pictures at a family gathering does not endear one to the members of the family.  While I am in the process of preserving the moment for posterity, the family members are in the process of developing a deep-seated hatred for me and my camera.

The advent of the digital camera freed photographers from the worry of costly film, releasing their nervous trigger finger and allowing them to take repeated shots of the same subject, even if that subject is trying to enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving dinner with others.

After four or five shots of their turkey and dressing, they wonder about your purpose in life and say this out loud.  And loudly.

A group photo of people working in the kitchen becomes a charge of an attempt to shoot a picture of someone’s butt while bending over to check the sweet potatoes. 

A simple snap of a group playing cards brings a reminder that many people on my web site look as if they are in pain.

I do not understand these charges.  My photography is natural.  It is free-flowing.  It offers a look at humanity in its raw form. 

Plus, it is so fun to tick off the in-laws.