Day 27 – November 27, 2010

Picking the perfect tree makes everyone happy.

Picking the right Christmas tree is always a fun event for our family.  Starting a day or two after Thanksgiving, we venture into the tree farm with measuring pole and saw in hand.  We point to 17 different trees, critically measuring and assessing each one in the hopes of finding the perfect tree.

Our living room isn’t very large and we’ve been fooled into buying a tree that, in the context of the great out doors, seems to be the ideal size.  Once in our house, we find that that same tree requires the removal of two chairs, a floor lamp and the couch just to make it fit.

This year we were wise in our approach.  We kept in mind that our ceiling was only 8 foot tall.  Therefore, a tree that was 7.5 feet tall would feel cramped.  Any tree that was bigger around than any two of us standing side-by-side would fill the living room space.

Once tagged, bagged and cut to the ground, we load the tree and make the journey home.  Of course two of the five strings of lights were faulty and required another trip to the hardware store.  Now lit, the tree is ready for decorating.  The entire clan will be visiting tomorrow to finish that small task.

I can’t wait.