Day 50 – December 20, 2010

A person becomes concerned when landing in Indianapolis and the pilot informs the passengers that a blizzard is occurring in Indy with one mile of viability.

My first concern was whether we should be landing in the blizzard.  Did they clear the runway?  If I can’t see the end of the wing, how can he see the landing zone?  If it is snowing in the air a half hour from the airport, how hard is it snowing on the ground?  But this pilot gave us an excellent landing and all on the plane chatted excitedly about the fresh coating of snow on the airport.

My next concern was finding my car.  You may not have noticed this before but many cars look alike.  My Saturn’s styling is not so different from the shape and form of many other small cars.  Cover them with three inches of snow and you are just out of luck.

My final concern was getting home.  Sure, I could blindly follow the person in front of me but that might take me to Terre Haute when I want to get to Noblesville.

All my concerns were for nothing when we landed safely, I found my car, I drove 35 mph home and was embraced by the warmth of my family when I walked in the door.  It was a quick trip to Washington but I love being home.