Day 51 – December 21, 2010

I bought a monkey today.  Actually, I bought a lamp that is in the shape of a money.  Why anyone would part with this beautiful item is beyond me.  Goodwill had it setting out on the shelf and I was convinced I would have to fight 10 people to have the privilege of keeping it…but shockingly, no one else went for it.  They must have been side-tracked by the glassware and used TV’s.  The store manager tried to question my decision but I held firm and paid my $7.99 and left the store as quickly as possible before someone else tried to get my monkey.

This is one of those finds that makes shopping at Goodwill worth the visit.  While everyone wishes they had this lamp, only one lucky “White Elephant” participant will have the joy of taking this one home.  I hope it is one of my children.  I hate the idea of parting with it.

In the past White Elephant exchanges, we’ve received videos (Kickboxers from Hell) and given videos (Planet of the Apes).  We received stuffed cats (seriously) and mixers with corn cobs stuck on the blades.  But this gift will be talked about for many years to come.

I’m so very proud.