Day 52 – December 22, 2010

This was one of those days when a hot plate of Chinese carryout is in order.  And we are never disappointed when we visit here:  The Peking Garden did it right again. 

They make so much food and do it so quickly that it is hard to imagine that they can keep all the orders straight.  The woman at the counter taking the orders (here she is digging out an egg roll from the cooker) must be a genius.  Whether it is a phone-in order or taken at the register, she is able to keep the orders straight.  In the 15 minutes I stood there waiting for my food, she took several orders over the phone, had people arrive for pick-up and had others walk in to place an order.  I never saw her write anything down.  She just nods her head as you say what you want and when you are done, she yells over her shoulder to the cooks and they get to work.  Within a few minutes, the Orange Chicken and Pad Thai are packed in the bag and ready to go.

I am amazed and satisfied.  Yum.