Day 54 – December 24, 2010

The Austin Household celebrates Christmas the same way every year.  We go to Christmas Eve services, eat a wonderful meal, and then open presents.

But this year I realized that something about this schedule will change in years soon to come.  Emily will visit her boyfriend’s home.  Jonathan will visit his girlfriend’s home.  Ben will be out the door with his girlfriend and Anita and I will have to schedule a time when we can gather as a family, free from everyone’s busy schedules.

While Christmas is a time of tradition, ours will change with the passage of time.  New traditions will be born and old traditions will pass along to the history books and photo albums. 

I know the day is coming and so, we’ll enjoy this year as a family.  It might be our last and I’m okay with that.  Life moves on and schedules and traditions change.  God bless us as we share this eve together.