Looking Back and Looking Up

The new year always brings about the opportunity to reflect on the prior years, assessing the high points and low and getting a good grip on what the future might hold.

So here’s my evaluation of the High’s and Low’s of years gone by:

I was once a preacher:  Low Point.
I was once a pirate.  High Point.

I fell out of my house into the garage and my daughter laughed at my clumsiness.  Low Point.
I recovered and ran a 5K.  High Point.
I was beaten by a couple pushing strollers in the 5K.  Low Point.
I injured my left knee while being beaten by a couple pushing strollers in a 5K.  Lower Point.

I visited Israel.  High Point.
I visited England.  High Point.
I visited Scotland.  High Point.
I visited Brussels.  Low Point.
I visited Ft. Wayne.  Low Point.

I found a $20 bill.  High Point.
I lost my cell phone.  Low Point.

I changed the oil in my own car.  High Point.
I failed to notice the extra gasket on the oil filter when I changed the oil in my own car and blew the engine when all the oil leaked out.  Low Point.
I blew the engine of the car while in Ft. Wayne.  Two Low Points combined (Level Up)

I’ve been the master of many wonderful dogs.  High Point.
I’ve been bitten by a couple of them.  Low Point.

I raised chickens as a boy.  High Point.
I was the winner of Champion Pullet at the county fair.  High Point.
One of my dogs killed the chickens.  Low Point.

I’ve lived in the same house for a decade.  High Point.
I’ve been married to the same wonderful woman for 25 years.  Very High Point.
I have three fantastic children who have the artistic sense of their father and the brilliance of  their mother.  Three High Points.

I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.  Highest Point of All.

So, looking back and in the balance, I think I’ve done pretty well.  The High’s outnumber the Lows and I have every reason to be optimistic for this new year.  Of course, there will be difficulties.  Of course, there will be unexpected set backs.  There always are.  But this year, 2011, promises to be a year of great opportunity and challenge.  I hope the assessment of your year is very much the same.