Under Suspicion

This disappointment of a film was our New Years’ choice.  Two of Hollywood’s best actors produced this film and must have realized somewhere along the production schedule that this was a mistake.

Hackman in confused in his role between a potential creepy bad man and an easy target for the police.  His acting is, as usual, fantastic (from the vanity and the hairpiece to the way he holds his cigarette) but the script leaves the audience questioning whether this character can really exist in the world.

Morgan Freeman’s acting never had an opportunity to take off, as his role is flat and lifeless.  His desire to catch the bad guy is never in question.  His ability to run a police department certainly is. 

That said, the film was artful and the use of location and sound take the viewer from the crime scenes to the interrogation rooms in a surreal fashion that I appreciated.

Don’t watch this movie if you are easily offended or desire something with action, a chase scene or two, and an ending that makes sense.