Day 96 – February 4, 2011

 Let me tell you about my small group.  It is The Best Small Group EVER.  I really mean that.  That’s our name:  “The Best Small Group EVER“.

We have our own Google Group (you can’t join).  It helps us stay connected and ensures everyone gets the emails regarding prayer concerns & meeting notifications.

We meet twice a month for “official” group but get together informally as well.

We’ve prayed for one another during times of minor illness, cancer and diabetes diagnosis, the death of a parent, the struggle of a marriage, the frustration of a job.

We’ve laughed with one another when we admit to our silly mistakes and life’s events.

We’ve cried together as we discuss the purpose of our life, the struggle of raising children, the call of God.

We’ve waded into the lake together to celebrate baptism, stood at the bedside of a mother and her newborn girl, hugged tightly as we love during difficult times.  We’ve celebrated high school graduations, new careers and advanced degrees.

We’ve gone to kid’s plays, listened to mini-recitals and vacationed together.  Our kids have experienced sleep overs, game nights and concerts.  We’ve shared date nights and common meals.

In all my years, I’ve never shared in a group like this and I’ve had GREAT groups.  JAFYMOFFY was fantastic.  (Just A Few Young Marrieds On Fire For Yahweh)  The DISCIPLE Bible study group was FANTASTIC.  But THIS group, after 6 years of life together, is the longest running “family” I’ve ever known.  They truly are the BEST.  Tonight was no different.  I love these people.

I can’t imagine life without them.