Day 111 – February 19, 2011

Our neighbor’s daughter turned one and a huge gathering was held in her honor.

Our neighborhood is a nice place to live.  Sure, we have our differences and opinions but we enjoy one another and make the most of every opportunity to get together.

Wine Wednesdays is a common event for many.  Thirsty Thursdays is for the truly committed. A  Superbowl Sunday party, a birthday celebration now and then, Progressive dinners, a cut-throat chili competition, and impromptu back-yard gatherings provide a variety  of venues for our friendship to grow.

Today was just another example of this.  Neighbors and friends mingle with family members to celebrate this little girl’s life.  We applaud the parents.  We sing “Happy Birthday” at the top of our voices.  We lift a glass to the day and together, we enjoy a bond created over time and in close proximity to one another.