Day 140 – March 20, 2011

This was an interesting day.  I bought groceries, got my hair cut, listened to a couple basketball games and watched my wife put on a Pampered Chef party.

Something that I thought was interesting happened at the Meijer store here in town.  I picked up some Basil and Provolone cheese.  At the check out counter, I discovered that the cheese failed to have a scan code sticker attached.  This, of course, required that someone would have to take the cheese and return to the produce / dairy section to determine why I would choose a block of cheese without the sticker.  After waiting 10 minutes, the young man returned with the same block of cheese and reported that none of the cheese was marked.  He tried a couple numbers in the scanner without success, he reported that, in fact, there was no tag of any kind on any of the Provolone.  At the end of it all, he had the nerve to ask me if I really wanted the cheese.