Summer Vacation 2011: DAY 3

Bear the Cat and Ben the Boy enjoy some quiet time.

 The last traveling day of our family vacation began with a leisurely morning drive down US Highway 40 to Centerville.  The stretch of highway that at one time ran from coast to coast now ensures that drivers have to slow to 30 mph every five minutes to see the small towns and antique shops along the way.

Once in Centerville, we stopped in several antique shops and malls, the biggest of these is the Webb Antique Mall.  Here you can find what ever it is you are looking for, except an accordion and a coffin.  For those things you have to travel back west to Cambrige City.  Let’s just say that the highlight of our day in Centerville was the cat Ben found in a Christmas shop at the edge of town.  This cat was HUGE and loved any attention.  The over-sized kitty was popular among locals as three little girls, hand in hand, walked up the steps to come visit the “kitty cat”.

Wilson Wines

We stopped into a local food mart and picked up some coleslaw and made our way to our final travel destination of the week – Wilson Wines.  Ben and Jonathan have affectionately dubbed this yearly visit as a trip to “Hillbilly Heaven”.

As mentioned earlier, our vacation planning ranked a trip to Wilson Wines as the second highest option for our week.  We all look forward to this.  Don (the 78 year old birthday boy) was offended that he ranked second behind ComedySportz.

It has become a yearly tradition to visit this out-of-the-way establishment in the middle of the cornfield.  I wrote about our experience last year in a blog entitled, “There’s More Than Corn…”.

This year our visit to the oasis in the middle of bean fields provided a cooler evening and a smaller group of family members. The crops have rotated from year to year and this year the focus was on Beans.

Ross and Don give it their best shot.

Another nice addition was the presence of my nephew, Ross.  Ross and Don share the same birth date and this was the first year that Ross joined us for the big day.

As expected at a winery, there are some people who enjoy the fruit of the vine more than others.  As we sang “Happy Birthday”, a woman sidled up beside me and wrapped her arm around my waste and whispered in my ear, “I thought I should come and sing with you all.  Wasn’t I suppose to be the one who jumps out of the cake?”

They are so friendly there.

Along with the meat on the grill, the green beans and corn, the 3-year-old Gouda and wine, we all shared in some fantastic carrot cake from Concannon’s.  This has to be some of the best cake I’ve ever eaten.

As mentioned last year, the beauty of Wilson Wines is the setting, the relaxed atmosphere and the family friendly (except for the cake woman) environment.  We played croquet, we blew bubbles, we sang along with the live music and we enjoyed ever minute.