A Moment on the Fifty

Yesterday was State Fair Band Day at the Indiana State Fair.  We followed the kids to the fairgrounds and enjoyed a wonderful show during the afternoon session.  The kids worked so hard for this day and it showed.  They moved well, played strong and made their community proud.

As for the Austin Family, it was an especially proud moment when our son, Ben took his position on the 50 yard line and the remaining trumpets formed the arch around him.  He blasted his notes with articulation and timbre.

There weren’t any solo performances in Noblesville’s show.  Every individual is part of the bigger unit and they worked together to make it a great show.

Even so, the star of the show in our eyes was our own son who enjoyed his time on the 50 yard line; a moment in the spotlight and we are thrilled for him and are proud of his hard work.

Good Job, Noblesville!  Great Job, Ben!