Leadership Challenges and Rotting Carrots

I’m attending the Global Leadership Summit hosted by my wonderful church, Grace Community Church.  The summit is simulcast around the globe and originates from Willow Creek Church in Chicago.  Some of the best leaders and visionaries come to speak, share their thoughts about leadership, and call the attending participants to a life of purpose.
Here are some quotes from the day’s session:
Revolutions destroy the perfect and enable the impossible.” – Seth Godin
 “In a world where you can’t predict the future…Create it.” – Len Schleshinger
Sometimes when the vision inside you doesn’t match what you see around you, you just have to close your eyes and hold onto your faith in God.” – Steven Furdick
 “Failure doesn’t mean game-over.  It means try-again with experience.” – Len Schleshinger
Your attitude about the world speaks less about the world and more about your character.” – Hon. Cory A. Booker, Mayor, Newark, New Jersey
 “Just because the tide is out doesn’t mean there’s less water in the ocean.” – Seth Godin
 “One of the reasons we get discouraged is because we compare our “behind the scenes” with everyone else’s highlight reel.” – Steven Furdick.
 “There is no map for ART.” – Seth Godin
If it isn’t intimidating to you there is a good chance that it is insulting to God.” – Steven Furdick
If it is worth doing, then what are you waiting for?” – Seth Godin
 “Why can’t your next five years be your best five years?”  Bill Hybels
As you can imagine, this has been an emotionally challenging conference for me.  For more than 10 years I have been living in world of self-imposed restriction to ministry and leadership.  Now, hearing a call to action, it is hard just to sit on my hands.  Perhaps it is time lift the constraints and see what will happen.
In the words of Seth Godin, “Either you give the carrots away or they’re gonna rot.

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