A Sad Goodbye

It is our practice to visit the Noblesville Farmers’ Market on any given Saturday morning, pick up some much needed items from Kroger and finish our weekly list with a stop at Marin Jay’s Butcher Shop.

Marty Jay’s is where we bought our burger, chicken, brats and chops.  This was the store that would still cut the fat from any slice of meat.  They hand-made the brats and hand-cut each steak.  And they would do it with a smile.

We never left the business without spending at least $40 but it was worth every penny.  Once home, we would fire up the grill and cook all our meat over one big fire.  For the rest of the week we would eat like kings. I gained 20 pounds because of Marty and his fantastic cuts of meat. 

Unfortunately, we discovered that Marty J’s closed its doors this week.  We pulled up to the entrance and found a “For Sale” sign in the window.  I knew for a long time that he was trying everything to keep his business up and running.  Marty wasn’t shy when it came to revealing his business woes. 

Looking back, I have to wonder if I’d been willing to spend $45 a week, would the shop still be open today?  Even worse, I’m not not sure where I will buy my beef, poultry and pork.  There isn’t any better in the entire county.

Thanks, Marty.  You will be missed.