A Prayer for the Hurting


Great and Powerful God,
The winds haven’t stopped blowing and the rain hasn’t stopped falling.
News men and weather forecasters continue to closely follow the weakening storm.
Roads have washed away and piers have fallen.
Highways are shut down and airports are closed.
Travel is impossible and millions are without power.
Many are injured and several are dead.
The power of the storm has been the constant focus of every person on the eastern seaboard but we know your power is greater than any storm.
Your ability to heal is greater than any injury suffered.
The order you bring is greater than the chaos of any hurricane.
And so today we pray for peace for those who stand in the rising waters.
We ask for the safety of those who have abandoned their homes in search for shelter.
We ask that you would be a guiding light for all who face the long dark hours ahead.