The Power of Free!

The First Step: A Better Workbench and Happy Dog

My garage had a life of its own.  I determined to take control this weekend and went to work organizing the mess and removing the clutter and getting my cars back into their rightful spots.

The work began on Monday morning and ended late Tuesday afternoon.  The job was bigger than I expected but worth every minute and sore muscle.

But this job required the removal of a few valuable but unnecessary items.  Of course, I could have donated them to a local thrift store but that would require loading and unloading and delivering them myself.

Instead, I did something I’ve done for years:  I put all the items on my curb along with signs that announce the good news.  FREE!  Within hours, everything is gone!

This weekend, the FREE! sign worked extra duty, eliminating many unnecessary items including a boat with a huge hole in the bottom (another story for another time), a folding table that required two men to lift, 4 flat basketballs, 1 flat football, 1 flat soccer ball, and a weight bench missing nuts, bolts and weights.  The FREE! sign helped me free up space by removing a screen door and a dog crate.

In the past I’ve given away stereos, TV’s, ironing boards, wicker baskets, and much more.  The FREE! sign works wonders.

And people are thrilled when they throw the items in their car.  (One man told me that now his son will have a good Christmas because of the basketballs he carried away.)  They are always shocked that I’m not asking any money for the items.

But to be honest, I’m thrilled they are carrying it away and shocked that they don’t ask me to give them money to haul it off.

Yes, the power of FREE! is an amazing thing.

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