A Prayer for the Hungry

Dear God,

My stomach is full.  My pantry over-flows. And yet, there are people in my community who are waking up each day with pangs of hunger in their gut.  Their children are looking forward to school because it is there that they receive one good meal.  The parents are worried about what they will eat tonight and tomorrow.  Their pantries are nothing more than empty shelves.

My jowls are saggy and my belly is padded with fat from years or excess.  Yet, there are people in Somalia who are traveling for days and weeks in the hopes of finding someone who will give them a cup of rice.  Mothers carry dying children, praying that someone will be there, waiting with medicine and food.

Dear Lord, thank you for the blessings you’ve poured out on my family but forgive my sin of selfishness.  Open my eyes to the needs of others in my own community and around the world.  Direct my life in a way that can bring change to a hungry and hurting world, one meal at a time.