The Change Challenge: Growing Your Brain, Bigger

On your exciting journey to becoming a better you, take a moment and think about the words you use in day-to-day conversation.  Now after you’ve taken out all the cuss words, the often repeated “like” and “duh”, you’re down to about 37 words that you use with regularity.  You can keep “pizza” and “beer”.  Those are essentials.

But overall, the number of words we use on any given day are meager (small) and we need to expand both the quality and quantity of your vocabulary (value and number of the words you use).

There are a million tools available to anyone who wants to increase their vocabulary.  A single search of Google for “Word of the Day” returns 125 million hits.  I’ve decided to use one of the sites on the first page:’s Word of the Day.  You might want to start with an easier site, say, Super Kid’s Vocabulary Builder for 4th-6th Graders.

Either way, adding a word a day to your vocabulary can increase your knowledge, challenge your mind and, in the end, grow your brain.

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