A Prayer for Our Teens

Dear and Mighty God,

You are bigger than the mountains, more powerful than the rolling tide, greater than any army.  But there are times when a parent has to wonder if you are capable of moving the hearts and minds of the teenagers.  These young people are a force of nature equal to a planet’s gravity, greater than solar winds, as powerful as black holes.

So many parents have given up any hope that their child will graduate high school, complete college, move out of the house, get a job, become a productive member of society.

So many teens struggle to find purpose in their lives.  They desire so much more from the world and themselves.  But rather than being proactive and look for work, volunteer where needed or develop a plan to stop world hunger and water shortages, they sit for hours playing video games, texting and watching YouTube.

We believe you can move the mountains.  We trust you will move the children.

You gave Solomon wisdom to rule his kingdom.  We pray that you will give parents a small portion of that insight.

Save us from this generation and their lack of direction and purpose.

Move them to greatness, we pray with all our hearts.