The Change Challenge: The Power of Silence

When was the last time you sat in silence?

I don’t mean that you locked yourself into a closet and wore ear-plugs to block out any noice.

I mean, when was the last time you kept your mouth shut?  When was the last time you sat without saying a word and just listening?

Try it some time.  Sit in a corner of your yard and listen to your family laugh in the house through open windows.  Listen to the birds in the trees.  Listen to the neighbors talk in their front yards.  Hear the breeze blow through the leaves as they rustle in the branches above your head.

For a real challenge, sit with your hands folded in your lap during the weekly team meeting at work without giving your opinion or input.  Listen to the blow-hard spout on with his opinion.  Watch the office flirt trying to climb the corporate ladder.  Hear the tremble in your bosses voice.  Try it.  It is quite a challenge and quite a joy.

With each passing minute, you will discover a whole new world.  People’s motives become clear.  Relationships come into focus.  Power struggles become evident.

If you are successful, you will feel your heart pounding in your chest and the tension draining away.  You will discover a quiet place and in the process you will experience a peace you’ve never known before.

And, oddly enough, without saying a word, you will find more power than you’ve ever known.

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