Ringing In My Ears: Hope & Thin Space

I am not a music critic.  I don’t know a pop song from Jiffy Pop.  I can carry a tune but it DOES require a bucket.

But I know what I like and Eric Baker’s newest release, Hope and Thin Space is something I like very much.

Perhaps it is because I know Eric and hear his life through the lyrics.

It might be because I have the privilege of hearing him play live quite often.

I might like this album because I know that most of these songs were written to move people’s hearts and lives into a better place, a closer relationship with those around them and an Almighty, loving God.

Hope & Thin Space provides a wide variety of music styles.  From the driving, rhythm of the opening track, “Kingdom Breaking Through” to the easy sway of “The Chair”, each song has its own strength and quality.

My favorite track on the album is the last cut, “Have You Been To The River”.  Written and performed for baptism services at Grace Community Church, this song touches the very heart of Eric and each one of his listeners. I am quickly taken to the edge of the water and relive the joy I experienced nearly 30 years ago.

I’ve listened to this CD several times this week and each time I am amazed at its quality, clean production and soulful presentation.  It often reminds me of another great artist.

Shortly after the CD was released, I had it playing in the car.  As we drove along, my son turned his attention to the radio and asked the name of the artist.  I said that I was sure he knew who it was if he paid close attention.  He closed his eyes and allowed the melodies and words pour over his mind and heart, soaking in the keys, the drums, the smooth voice.  After a short time he opened his eyes wide and proclaimed with confidence that it was James Taylor.  “But I didn’t know James Taylor played piano!” He reported.

“He doesn’t,” I replied.  “But if he did, he would sound just like this.”

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  1. Agree completely. I have listened to the CD a couple of times and enjoy it very much. I was thinking the other day that I need to get it onto my Ipod.

    Also, it is always comforting to me to listen to wonderful music knowing the person making it is a quality guy.

    Thanks, Curt.


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