Out With The Old

We aren’t big car shoppers.  By that, I don’t mean to say that we don’t buy big cars.  What I mean is that we don’t buy a lot of cars.

We’ve been married for 26 years.  In that time we’ve owned a few vehicles.  But we’re cheap and avoid paying top dollar for any car.  We’ve only owned two brand new cars over the years and the second was picked up on Saturday.  You can look for Anita driving the 2012 Hyundai Elantra Touring.

Believe me when I say that we would rather pay less and get a used car but there are none out there.  Of course there are lots of used cars but they are practically the same price as a new.

Of course, we are not simply upgrading because we like to have that new car smell.  If it were as simple as that we would have purchased the “New Car Smell” in a can that is sold for $4.95 at AutoZone.  No, this purchase was one of necessity.  If it were within my power we would still be driving Goldie (our 2002 Dodge Caravan with 209,000 miles and water pouring out of the front of the engine).  But my mechanic swears that, while fixable, it isn’t a wise investment of another $500.

This coming from the man who’s replaced the window crank on our 1993 Plymouth Voyager so my daughter could roll down her window.

This from the guy who snipped the electric power supply to the torque converter on our 1995 Buick Century so my son could get home from Bloomington without having to stop every 30 miles to let the car cool down.

So good-bye Goldie and hello Silva…our newest family member.