Gym class is often nothing more than a school sanctioned version of “Lord of the Flies”.  For instance, during my gym class days one of the Halstead twins tried to light my underwear on fire.  Another day Joe tried to kick my butt but I kicked him between the legs.  It was organized chaos each and every day.

Sometimes adult life isn’t any different than this.  Okay, many times adult life isn’t any different from this.

But growing as a person, accepting the Change Challenge means we work hard to be better.  We work hard to be different from the others.  We don’t respond in kind.  We don’t find humor at others’ expense.  We don’t lash out with hurtful words and sideways glances.

In short:  We Play Well With Others.

And this is the challenge for this week.  Obey the rules.  Find common ground.  Work as a team.

Gym class was so sophomore year.  You are a grown man, a grown woman.  Leave the dodge-ball mindset where it belongs:  In your past.

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