And Now, The News (As Seen on Facebook)

I’m done.  I’m over it.  Local news is neither local or news.

I see it in the morning when I’m preparing for work.  The reporter is standing in a bustling news room and turns to a huge flat-screen TV.  The camera zooms in as the reporter reads excerpts from a web page.


I see it in the web new sites.  An article proclaiming to offer information gives us a paragraph of information, followed by 6 paragraphs of comments posted to the station’s Facebook page!


Seriously, how hard is it to write something that is news-worthy?  How hard is it to call the team office and ask for a comment concerning an injury?  How hard is it to visit the crash scene after a fatal accident and view the intersection, write about speed limits, observe speeding cars running the stop?

Instead, they re-post opinion and blather.

Paul writes on my Facebook, “That’s right.”

Mary commented, “I agree with Paul.”

Joe noted, “You are both wrong and I feel strongly about this.”

Silvia pointed out, “This type of news reporting wouldn’t have happened if he would have had a job.  I blame the government.”

Joe noted again, “He has a job.  He writes a blog and does research at the University.”

Silvia responded, “Oh…that’s right.  I blame his mother.”

Get my point?  I COULD DO THAT!  I just wish they didn’t.

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