THE CHANGE CHALLENGE: One Coffee at a Time

Try this.  The next time you are in line to pay for your morning coffee, your afternoon Big Mac, or your six-pack of Coors, pay for the person behind you.  Seriously.  Just pay for it.  Don’t ask their permission or approval.  Just say to the cashier, “I’ve got his, too.”  Pay for it and walk away.

Being better this year means being nicer.  And honestly, it is easier to be nice to a stranger than to your own family.  So this week, we’ll be nice to others, one cup of coffee at a time.  It will cost you $4 and will make a big difference in the life of that stranger.  He will spend the next hour drinking the coffee and wondering about your motive.  It will make a difference in the life of the cashier.  She watched an act of kindness for kindness’ sake.  It will make a difference in your life because you did something nice.

One word of warning:  Make sure the person behind you isn’t ordering $45 worth of coffee and pastries for an office meeting.  That kind of mistake can ruin the entire experience, leaving you broke and bitter.  Being nice always tastes better in small sips.

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