Jesus Hates?

Sunday School teachers let me down.

Sermons have failed to inform.

All my seminary training disappointed.

Despite hundreds of hours of Biblical training, I’ve never known the truth.

I’ve been attending church for decades, Bible Studies for years, youth groups overnights, summer camps and  service projects…No one has ever informed me that Jesus hated my pumpkin.  And given the prominence of this sign, attached to a pickup truck roaming the streets of Noblesville, this is something I should have known.  SOMEONE should have filled me in about God’s Son and his thing against orange gourds.

In my defense I always thought, in the hierarchy of things that Jesus hated, a pumpkin might be pretty low on the list.  For instance, I was pretty sure that Jesus hated murder.  I was under the impression that genocide pretty high up there as a thing hated by Jesus.  War is considered bad and I thought it might get some of the the Messiah’s attention.

I am also pretty sure Jesus hates racism, child abuse, cruelty to animals, stealing, rape, poverty and social injustice.  I think Jesus even hates hate itself.

So, on this Halloween Weekend, I think I’d better re-think my understanding of Jesus and certainly review the evils of pumpkins.

But a more troubling question is still unanswered:  If Jesus hates the Jack-O-Lantern, does he also hate the pumpkin grower?

These are questions that are going to fester.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Hates?

  1. Halloween wasn’t scary for me as a child until Christians starting telling me all of the reasons I should be terrified. It worked.


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