Autumnal changes bring a brilliant display of reds, greens, and orange into the trees.  The cold night air has forces the trees to drop their leaves by the thousands, covering once-green grass with a fall festival of color.

It also makes for a lot of work for home owners because of the endless raking, bagging and clean up that comes along with the beauty.

Flash mobs are all the rage.  What if you organized a leaf-raking Flash Mob?  There has to be SOMEONE in your neighborhood who has limited mobility, limited resources and a mountain of leaves that need attention.  Don’t stand idly by.  Take action!

Take another step along the Change Challenge and grab your rake and a few of your friends.  Pick a yard, any yard, and go to work.  Within a few short hours, it will spotless.  Bags of leaves will line the curb and you can walk away, head held high.  You made a difference in their life, and yours.

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