When my wife and I first married we were very poor.  We were both students, working part-time jobs, eating lots of noodles, beans and catchup. We were so poor that there were more than a few times when we had to choose between a box of cereal and a roll of toilet paper while doing our grocery shopping.

Our friends knew our financial situation and every so often, we would open our apartment door to find a bag of groceries.  No name.  No idea who dropped it off or who to thank.  There were more than a few times that we sorted the bagged items on the kitchen table with tears of gratitude rolling down our cheeks.

We’re doing better now.  But in today’s economy, many have been forced into that same situation.  You might know one of those people.  You might BE one of those people.

But if you have a job and you have pantry shelves lined with food, you know that you have the means to give to someone else.  Whether you donate a single can or an entire bag of food to another who is struggling, it costs you only a few dollars.  And that gift can make a life-changing difference in a man, a woman, a family, who is wondering how long their meager supply will last.

Being Nice, another step along the Change Challenge, requires looking beyond our front door into the eyes, hearts and lives of others; and responding in simple ways that will change their lives, and ours.

My wife and I will never forget the anxiety that comes with wondering what tomorrow might bring.  We will also never forget the kindness of unnamed strangers who fed our stomachs and our hearts.

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