A Little Christmas Cheer: Die Hard

No Christmas movie list is complete without the 1988 classic, Die Hard.

Oh, you might think that the cussing, shooting, cussing, brief frontal nudity, screaming, explosions, more shooting, more cussing, dark humor and more cussing might take it out of the Christmas genre.  But you would be wrong.

Don’t let anyone kid you, this action thriller is all about Christmas.  Director, John McTiernan ensures that you leave the theater with that warm holiday glow.  Why else would he have placed this family favorite on Christmas eve?  Why else would he have had the events take place at a Christmas eve party?

The music alone ensures that you will love this film:  Ode To Joy is a common theme throughout the movie and Joy to the World gives you that good feeling I always look for while watching terrorists break into a highly secured vault. Additional themed music including, “Winter Wonderland”, “Christmas in Hollis” (performed by RUN-D.M.C.), and “LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW!” are sure to please.

This movie has it all:  A plastic Santa, a Santa hat on the dead guy, seasonal wrapping tape secures John’s gun to his back!  On top of that, this movie has that guy who plays Snape in Harry Potter.  Need I say more?

So gather the little kiddies around the TV tonight, pop some corn and get ready for a real family treat.  Nothing says Christmas like John McClain giving Sgt Al Powell that warm tearful hug at the end (right before he fills the bad guy full of holes)!


3 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Cheer: Die Hard

  1. Well when I heard you were watching Christmas movies this is certainly not what I expected.
    All I can say is….”no kids for this one”.


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