Ringing In My Ears: Michael Buble “Christmas”

I love this time of year and I’m not afraid to say it.  Christmas is all about the sights, sounds and smells that provide such joy!

That is why my lights are hung for the entire neighborhood to see.  It is this reason that my Christmas movie list is being completed with each passing hour of viewing.

But NOTHING makes Christmas better (other than some snow) than good music.

Buble’s newest album released October 24, 2011, Christmas, is a faithful rerun of the old faithful seasonal hits.  Nothing really new with a very strong exception of Blue Christmas.  This wonderful song is new, jazzy rendition of the familiar with the very first note placing you in New Orleans and in the middle of a Big Easy Jazz Parade through the very end.

The next tune, Cold December Night is a pop tune that will be played frequently on radios around the country.  It is peppy and fun and will capture the ear of Buble fans everywhere.

It isn’t the best Christmas album on the market but it is perfect for the holidays.