A Little Christmas Cheer: Christmas with the Kranks

You might be tired of Tim Allen.  Jamie Lee may whine a bit.  The schtick is predictable.  I’ll give you all of that.  But this movie made me laugh (food falling out of Allen’s mouth after the Botox injections) and cry(Make A Wish for grown-ups).

If you’ve read the book, Skipping Christmas, then you know where this movie is going.  If you’ve seen The Santa Clause, it is no surprise that every possible seasonal spoof is thrown into the film.  From the rush to get the last Christmas ham to the surprise guest being Santa himself, this movie offers nothing new to the genre.

But it is worth the watch, especially if you live in a neighborhood where every neighbor works to surpass the other with lights, Frosty figurines and glowing reindeer.

This movie teaches us one thing:  In the end, the reason we go endure of seasonal music, holiday cookies and Christmas decorations is for others more than for ourselves.  That’s the true meaning of Christmas and you should never skip that.