Turn it On: Life in a Day

Every so often you stumble on a film that opens your eyes to the world in which we live.  This is just such a movie.

This film gathers thousands of video clips taken by people around the globe.  Some of the clips are of the mundane (an amazing number of people felt it was important to send in pictures of themselves on the toilet) but so many are spectacular!

The film is a beautiful series of contrasts.  In one film you see a destitute hoarder and the next you witness a very proud Lamborghini owner.  In one series you witness extreme poverty and anger, in the next you see a gardener who is very happy eating on newspapers laid out on the floor.

The creativity of the videos, the wonderful filming styles, the visual elegance of so many images, the story behind each clip combines to make this film one of my favorite movies I’ve watched in a very long time.

I believe this is best 95 minutes of filming that I’ve ever viewed.  I honestly think you will feel the same.