A Little Christmas Cheer: The Polar Express

The 2004 movie, Polar Expressed is based on the fantastic children’s classic by the same name.  The musical score has become synonymous with high school orchestra concerts around the country (I’ve heard it performed half-a-dozen times in the last four years).  The art is true to the book’s original illustrations artfully done by the book’s author, Chris Van Allsburg.

I don’t LOVE this movie but I certainly enjoy Tom Hanks and his multiple roles.  Hanks plays everything from the Hero Boy, to the Hobo on the train, to Santa himself!  It is just another reason to love Hank’s work and the primary reason I own this film.

The story, for those of you unfamiliar with the film is of a boy who has lost his belief in Christmas in general and Santa Claus specifically.  His journey on the train bound for the North Pole reawakens his faith in the Big Fella and rekindles his trust in the magic of Christmas.  Sweet.

That said, the eyes of the characters freak me out!  They NEVER look another person in the eye and roll around in their heads like legally blind baby-dolls made in a dark Taiwanese factory.

I love the music, am moved by the story, and can’t get enough of Tom Hanks but those eyes keep me from watching this movie more than once a year…and even that is pushing it.