The Change Challenge Check Up

Nearly three months ago we started a journey together.  In an effort to make this year better than the year before, we agreed to start making little changes.  We agreed to be better, smarter and kinder.  In short, we agreed to take charge of our lives instead of allowing life to take charge of us.  We will no longer be hijacked by the pirates of sloth, ignorance and circumstance.

Over the past three months we’ve agreed to try a few things:

It hasn’t been easy we must continue to review our progress to better determine what areas are still lacking.

For instance, my own journey has been one of growing generosity but I haven’t worked as hard to extend my vocabulary.

Some of you might have memorized the entire dictionary but have yet to fill a bag of groceries for a struggling family or even buy a stranger a 99 cent diet coke at McDonald’s.

There are always areas of improvement. In the end, the journey to change is as important as the change itself.

Take another look in the mirror.  See anything that needs attention today?