Black Friday, Appropriately Named

I’m not a big shopper.  In fact, with the advent of on-line shopping, I hardly go out of my house any more.  These people who awake at 2 a.m. to make the line at Best Buy are a mystery to me.  The people who set up tents and porta-potties and camp through Thanksgiving just to purchase a TV at a discount are not a mystery:  I’m pretty certain that they are nuts.

What possesses a person to invest so much time for a television, towels and toys?  What drives a person to give up time with family and friends for a possession, an object, a piece of plastic, metal and glass?

As I spent time with my family at Thanksgiving, I was reminded of the importance of every moment we share with those we love.  I can’t imagine allowing those precious hours to pass by waiting in line in front of a retail store.

The day after Thanksgiving was spent safe and snug in my own home doing the things I love the most.  As the Black Friday news reports came in telling of pepper spray, muggings and mayhem, I was comforted in knowing that my Friday was spent re-potting Bonsai, talking to neighbors, drinking good coffee,  petting my dog and decorating the house. No going out into the craziness for me.

I guess I’ll just have to pay full price for those things I don’t really need anyway.

One thought on “Black Friday, Appropriately Named

  1. Wow, you sound just a bit cynical, like you are missing out on the real reason for the holiday we know as Black Friday – Deals, deals, deals! Spending and buying! Supporting our economy! Experiencing the joy of 60% off, or getting that last doorbuster in stock! The thrill of driving home completely satisfied that you have sucked the marrow out of the bones of retailers. You see, those are the reasons to celebrate Black Friday. And they are in you, somewhere, or maybe out there somewhere, I’m really not sure. Come on, friend – drinking good coffee? Talking to neighbors? Please.

    Curt, I am concerned about your welfare.


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