Finding That “Perfect” Tree

Our son, Ben found this tree. It is the best one we've had in years!

The perfect tree can make or break Christmas.

Let’s be honest.  If you want the best presents…TV’s, small boats, a car with a bow on the top, a pony…you can’t have a wimpy tree to frame these gifts on Christmas morning.  You need a tree that causes a brown-out in the neighborhood when you plug it in.  You need a tree that can only be topped with a rented cherry-picker.  You need a tree unlike the 2011 Austin Family tree.

This year our Christmas shopping budget requires a smaller, gentler tree.  This is a tree reminiscent of A Walton’s Family Christmas (Goodnight, Johnboy).  It is a tree so small that we were able to cut it down with a Ginsu knife.  It is a tree that only requires one string of lights and half the ornaments from the attic.  It is a tree that bends under the weight of the paper mache angel. In short (and it is also short), it is the “perfect” tree.

Of course there is a method to our madness.  In these tight economic times, we rationalized that cutting back the size of our tree would help us cut back the expectations of the quality in Christmas presents.

Rather than expecting a TV under the previous years’ larger trees, the children will be thrilled when they unwrap an Etch-A-Sketch.

No Smart phones for this family.  Under this tree, even two tin cans and some string are attractive gifts!

No longer will they be disappointed when they don’t see a boat.  Instead they will weep with joy when they open a package containing their very own rubber ducky.

No car with a bow?  No problem!  Matchbox makers have a model to fit your budget.

And never forget that a GoodWill purchased My Little Pony is a lucky find for any child.

Don’t let anyone fool you:  The perfect tree is a must-have for making this holiday season a happy one for all!

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