Austin’s Acre Christmas Shopping Advice: Day 1

BULK SHOPPING: Shopping for extended family is always difficult. There are so many items to choose from and so many people to buy for. My family alone has 127 people. My wife’s family has 34 members. With something like 161 gifts to buy, a shopper needs a strategy. Here is a tip I learned a long time ago: I always go to the end of the isle when I’m in the store and buy two or more of everything. If I buy two Chuck Norris movies, I can give one to Anita’s Uncle Fred, and my 10-year-old nephew Gill. Each one thinks that I’ve spent hours looking for that perfect gift just for them, when in fact, I’ve spent 15 seconds picking out one crummy gift and checked two people off my list. This also works for air fresheners for Anita’s mother that we see all the time and my Sister-In-Law, Jillian from Texas that we see once a year.

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  1. So, when you got me that “I’m With Stupid” T-shirt last year, are you telling me that you didn’t think about it for hours, what I would like, what would be perfect for me, and then figure out the best color and font? I was so impressed when I got that from you and I thought you did all that. Now, I find out you probably just saw these on sale and bought 3 or 4 of them and there are other friends or relatives of yours walking around wearing the same shirt.
    Disillusionment reigns.


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