It’s All For The Children

It is often said that Christmas is for children.

I will agree that there is nothing better than watching a little one’s face light up with joy at that special present and then set it aside to play with the box it came in.

There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a child sit on Santa’s lap, screaming from sheer terror.

It is so touching to know you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on objects, toys and clothes that will be forgotten, broken and outgrown within a month.

It will be these same charming children who aren’t pleased because you bought the WHITE Ipad 2 instead of the blue.  These same selfish brats who will change their list of presents three times after you’ve already blown your budget on those items they just had to have on the first list. It will be these same rotten-to-the-core animals to whom you gave birth who, while in therapy years later, will blame their parents for the lie about a fat man in a red suit that started their slide into cynicism and doubt of all things good and pure.   It is this evil spawn who choose Christmas Eve Dinner to announce that, “I won’t be eating that roasted turkey slaughtered inhumanely for your carnivorous enjoyment because I’m vegan now and don’t believe in the cruelty to animals that you support…and, oh, by the way, did I mention that I’m in a same sex relationship with Gary?  You remember him from Thanksgiving, right?  You didn’t use butter in the potatoes, did you?”

Yes, it is a magical time of year.

One thought on “It’s All For The Children

  1. Wow, you really love kids!

    It is always comforting to see someone even more cynical about our youth than myself. And that’s difficult to do.

    Have a Merry Christmas anyway!


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