Life According to “Hoosiers”

Celebrating 25 years this year, Hoosiers has set the bar for motivational sports movies.

My wonderful wife gave me the Blu-Ray version of the celebrated movie, Hoosiers.

I watched the film on Christmas morning in the quiet of my living room as the rest of my family slept soundly in their beds (I assume there were visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads).  As I viewed the movie again, it occurred to me that this was a story that had less to do with basketball and more to do with life and how we live it.  I started thinking about the coach’s decisions, the players responses, the community’s reactions.

It was then that I determined to watch the movie repeatedly over the next few weeks and months.  Each time I view the film I will examine it from the perspective the individual characters.  I will start with Coach Dale and work through the rest of the cast.

Together, the characters and their own strengths and weaknesses will speak to us, guide us, and hopefully, make us better and this game of life.

One thought on “Life According to “Hoosiers”

  1. An interesting approach to a wonderful film, one of the very best sports films because it’s precisely about so much more than sports. Look forward to your observations.


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