Life According To Hoosiers: “Let’s be real friendly, here.”

Coach Dale lets the assistant know where he stands: On the sidelines.

“Let’s be real friendly, here.  First off, my name is Norm.  Secondly, your coaching days are over.”

With those words, Coach Norman Dale cuts loose the former assistant coach and lead critic of the newly appointed Coach.

We’ve all met them.  We’ve all dealt with them.  People who think they can do our job better.  People who believe they should have been offered the position but because of a lack of training, poor people skills, an inflated ego, or any number of life’s circumstances they were the last person you want for the job.  And yet, they stand up, grab the whistle, make the schedule, send out the email, call the shots.

They undermine, undercut, challenge and destabilize the entire process.  They may do it in subtle tones or with a smile on their face but in the end, they will do everything in their power to chip away at your leadership until no one knows who to trust.

It happens in jury rooms, school groups, work meetings, sports teams and ESPECIALLY in churches.  The self-appointed captain of the squad isn’t always the best leader…in fact, they are usually the worst choice for the job that needs to be done.

The hardest but most necessary duty of any boss, pastor or coach is clearing the team of anyone who stands in the way of success.  Even the best-intentioned assistant can weaken the leadership vision of those responsible for the direction of the team.  It is always better to play with a team member that loves the game rather than a team member that wants and needs the power.