The Change Challenge: Live Life Large!

This past week brought some changes to our house.  My daughter moved into her first apartment.

Of course, our emotions and thoughts are quite a jumble:  We are proud of her and nervous for her.  We miss her terribly and don’t want her to ever move back.  We’ve collected some canned goods for her pantry but are very happy she’s off our meal ticket.

It’s a mixed bag, really.

But her move caused me to stop and think about how we lived life when we are young.  Without much concern for the consequences, we played harder, stayed up later, laughed louder, loved quicker, and sometimes we acted dumber.  But in that impetuous state, we experienced so much of life.

As “grown ups” we don’t always take the same chances that we use to.  We’ve become comfortable in your routine.  We no longer live life large!

We don’t go to that show, because we work the next day.

We turn down dinner with friends because  the weekend is already packed.

We pass over thoughts of travel to an exotic location, just picking up and going, throwing a backpack together and hitting the road.

We have any number of excuses:  Well we have work on Monday.  But someone needs to watch the dogs?  Who will bring in our mail?  What if we get that call from your brother?

Well we…But we…Who will…What if…Those are all very good question.  But they are the wrong questions.  Instead, it’s time to start asking again, “Why not?”

2 thoughts on “The Change Challenge: Live Life Large!

  1. I believe the question also needs to be what is the adventure God has for us? How will He use this and me to touch someones life and bring them to Him and Christ?

    Great thoughts Curt thanks


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