A Little Birthday Never Hurt Anyone

This year, as we celebrated my wife’s birthday, it dawned on me that we’ve been together during our lifetime more than we have been apart.

While we went to the same high school, I don’t think that counts.  We were married in our very early 20’s.  (TOO very early in our 20’s according to most who knew us.)  Since that amazing evening in August 1985, we’ve celebrated a fantastic life together.  Over the past 26 years, we’ve made a happy home, given life to three great kids and have made our journey one for the books.

Of course, all those years didn’t pass in perfect bliss.  We have had our hard times.  There were days, weeks, months and years when we struggled.  We wrestled with being nice and civil with one another.  There were many times when we experienced tears and heart-break.  But we pushed through, sought counsel when necessary and have come to a place of peace.  Life isn’t always perfect, it never will be, but we find love and grace even in the midst of struggle.

Anita is my best friend.  And after 26 years together, I can’t imagine my life without her.

One thought on “A Little Birthday Never Hurt Anyone

  1. Extremely well put, Curt! It is wonderful to see you and Anita living life together and being open, honest, caring, and a wonderful example to others. May our Lord bless you both this next year so that you may continue to be a blessing to those around you (which you are!).


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