A Sunday Shout-Out

I’d like to give a little “shout-out” to all my pastor friends today. Some serve in little country churches and some serve in mega-churches.  They ALL have the same job.  No matter the size, the job is the same.

These pastors are the people who work hard to prepare a sermon each and every week, find topics of interest and words of challenge that will captivate, stimulate and motivate.

They often are the first in the building on a snowy Sunday morning and still take time to visit the sick and shut-in late on Sunday night.  They are called to the funeral home and the hospital with little or no advanced warning.  They minister to the homeless, the helpless and hapless without any thanks.  They care for the spiritual giants and the social outcasts often within the same hour.  They are gracious to both the lovely and unlovable because they were first loved.

They worry about the sanctuary carpet and this week’s bulletin.  They manage petty squabbles and turf wars.  They select Sunday School curriculum and next week’s hymns. They invest countless hours in administrative meetings and the business details of the church building, all the while trying to keep our hearts and minds focused on the spiritual truth that reaches beyond the church walls.

These men and women have great jobs.  But they also have very difficult jobs.

God Bless them today.   Amen.