The Power of Free – Times 2

Faithful followers of Austin’s Acre will remember last September that we reviewed the amazing and moving story of The Power of Free!  It was the gripping tale of a boy and his desire for a clean garage and world peace brought about by giving away one piece of free junk at a time.

Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I believe it is my journalistic duty to update you on the current status of the story.

It seems that the Free For All may have come to an end.  I have learned through secret channels that neighborhood hooligans may have been pilfering my free items and depositing them on other neighbor’s lawns.

It began when I placed ornamental grasses on my curb for anyone who desired making their yard look as good as mine.  Unfortunately, when I returned from the hardware store, the grasses were still in place but the FREE sign had been stolen…I mean taken…It Was GONE!!

It wasn’t until I placed an over-stuffed chair in front of my house with a new an improved FREE sign at its side that I learned the true fate of many of my curb-side treasures.  It seems that some of my 16 year old’s friends removed the chair (and the newest version of the FREE sign with it) and hauled it to another friend’s home.  They set it up in his front yard and waited to see the reaction.

Being smarter than all the other roughnecks combined, he ordered them to get it out of his yard before his mother saw it.  This only added to the mischievousness of these pubescent delinquents. My informant (Ben) indicates that the chair made its way to several homes before finally finding its place in a dumpster.

Of course, I am devastated. Not only has good rummage been treated with disrespect and mockery, I’ve lost three FREE signs!

But spring is just around the corner.  The Power of FREE will return…I’ll just have to watch all my road-side riches with a little more vigilance.  I will keep you posted.