The Change Challenge: Loving Brother

It has been said that you pick your friends but you can’t pick your family.  I disagree.  I have plenty of brothers and sisters in my day-to-day life that do not share the same genetic make-up. But I also have blood relatives that I haven’t spoken to in years. It isn’t about who you’re stuck with…it’s about who you pick.

For instance, my brother (pictured right) is one of a kind.  Over the years we have seen our good days and bad. We’ve laughed hard and struggled much.  But in the end, as we’ve grown up, we’ve journeyed together, we’ve become friends.

No, we don’t hang out every day or send mushy cards on birthdays, but we are brothers and I pick him.  He’s a nut, a kook, a man with a few issues (pictured right), but whenever we are in the same room, I want to sit at his table.  I want to sing the harmony to his melody.  I want to listen to his story, hear his tale, help carry his burden, tell him I love him.

We don’t agree on everything.  No one does.  But we are brothers and that will never change.

Over the years, I have surrounded my self with people who are family.  Men and women who were born into different family units, to be sure.  But I pick them.  I want to sit at their table.  I want to listen to their story.  I want to help carry their burdens.  Tell them I love them.

The question for today is this:  Who is your family, biological or otherwise, and what are you doing to let them know it?

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