Why There?

This snapshot was found on 10th street, in front of the new Wishard Hospital.

My walk from the parking lot to work takes me along 10th street in front of the new Wishard hospital.  It is a very heavily traveled section of road.  As such, there is usually trash that collects in the ditch and along the walk.

I’ve seen tennis shoes and gloves, hats and cigarette butts.  I’ve stepped over paper and cups, pens and bloody bandages.  But the other day I spied something unusual.

As I was walking to my car I noticed a piece of paper just along the side of the road.  It was glossy and in fairly good condition.  It had yet to be run over or stepped on and it didn’t take me long to recognize it as a photograph.  At first, I was going to walk right past.  But something caught my attention about this snapshot.  I stopped, went back and picked it up and brought it home to study later.

As I reviewed the picture, I noticed several strange things.  First, there really isn’t a subject.  Oh, the car is front and center but I doubt that anyone would snap a picture of a car.  It must be a shot of someone inside the car.  You can’t make out a face so that person must not have known that the picture was being taken.  And why is the car on the side of the road?  Are they preparing to drive off into a setting sun?  Did they just arrive in the early morning light?  Are these people coming or going?  And why did someone think it was so important to take this picture, develop the film and print the shot in the first place?  Even more puzzling is the fact that they allowed it to slip through their hands and come to rest on the busy city street.

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One thought on “Why There?

  1. I believe they see that bright and blinding object on the horizon, thinking it might Jesus returning to claim His sheep, they are praying that they are in the flock and He is coming and not going!!!


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